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Brief History

Baskets by Bonnie was created, by Bonnie Segel, as an escape from Corporate America. Our goal was simple: to spread joy through creative gifting in a warm, caring, happy environment.

We opened our first retail location in the Short North Arts District of Columbus in May of 1994. In 1996 we moved a block, to the prime corner of High Street & Buttles Avenue. We were known for our unusual window displays, highlighted by our life-like mannequins and lady in the bathtub. There we held court for almost ten years.

Bath Windo
Our former location at 721 North High Street 


As the business outgrew our retail store, we realized we had two companies: A Retail Gift Shop and a Corporate & Internet-based Service. In March of 2006, we changed our business model and moved our location. In order to provide the best possible service to our core client base, we are now located in a business park with a front office and warehouse. We ship with UPS, Fed-Ex and can courier locally.

Baskets by Bonnie also has a small retail area where customers can stop in and pick up their purchase.

Front Office

  • Front office for order pick up                             
  • Friendly staff  ready to help with your  order

Friendly Staff

  • Warehouse for shipping and for storing of client collateral


Our Philosophy

At Baskets by Bonnie, we make customer service our golden rule.  We feel it’s important to do the right thing, to treat people the way we want to be treated.  This rule carries over when we are creating the perfect gift.  Our inventory is carefully selected and tested.  If we’re not willing to consume our products, why should you?  We are so obsessed with getting the best result that we are willing to sacrifice our diets.  That’s true commitment!


Bonnie was told by her mother as a young girl that if people see you having fun, they will most surely want to join in. This was her advice on how to make friends. As a business, we see this as a way to gain customers. Under-promising and over-delivering (a.k.a. exceeding expectations) is our way to keep our clients loyal.

What sets us apart is our secret ingredient that goes into every basket (Shh… if you pinky promise not to tell, our secret ingredient = Love).

In all seriousness, we love what we do and we love having you as a customer. What we especially love about you is that you are a good audience and have taken the time to get to know us, because "Our best advertisement is You, a Satisfied Customer!"

Matt in Motion

     Each basket is lovingly made to order in our temperature-
     controlled work room to the sounds of staff-friendly music.

    We find that happy, stress-free workers make better baskets.

Our Mission:

On Message, On Budget, On Time,

Exceeding Expectations.


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