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It's hard to believe that summer is coming to a close. As teachers and students get ready to return to the classroom, we've done some back to school preparations of our own.  


Recently, we've revamped our student care package to include all the best snacks for the student away at college.  


To meet the rising demand for gluten-free products, we have also created new gluten-free basket options, including one for students. Baskets by Bonnie staff member, Shannon, discusses her experiences being gluten free as well as the products we provide.   


Here we've also included a special shout out for our newest friend and taste-tester, Rebecca Shaw, who found time to help us in the midst of opening her new Health Care Clinic.  

Student Care
Show you care when you can't be there.
Heading off to college can be one of the most exciting and terrifying times in your child's life as well as your own. Send some love from the home-front with our Student Care Package. 
We've packed this box full of snacks that will give them energy when they need to stay up late writing a paper, substance when the school cafeteria food just isn't cutting it, and a little touch of home to remind them that you support all their hard work.  


Becoming Sensitive to Gluten 
By Shannon Schilling
When I was diagnosed with gluten hypersensitivity a year ago, at first I thought that I would never be able to eat anything good again. Thankfully, I was wrong.
People with gluten hypersensitivity, intolerance or celiac disease are unable to properly digest the gluten protein, found in wheat, rye, and barley. As a college student, I ate a lot of gluten prior to my diagnosis so cutting it out of my diet completely felt a little like the end of the world. All the things I loved - pasta, bread, baked goods - gone!
Although my school's dining services did their best to serve me, I sometimes still felt like I was not eating enough because I did not have enough options. In addition, I would see all my friends eating gluten-filled foods, making me feel like an outsider, something no one wants to feel like when they are miles from home! It took a lot of willpower for me to stick to my diet and not give in to the gluten peer pressure.... (Read more on Baskets By Bonnie's Blog)

          Gluten Free Care Package                                       Gluten Free Goodie Tray
Gluten-Free Consultant
Rebecca Shaw outside the Affordable Health Care Clinic in Gahanna
 To help us evaluate our gluten-free goodies, we consulted our very own human guinea pig, Rebecca Shaw.  As both a registered nurse and member of the celiac disease community, Rebecca was able to help us determine that although our gluten-free products are suitable for the gluten intolerant, some still may not be appropriate for those with celiac disease because of how they are processed. She has been a huge help to us and we are so grateful!
In addition to taste-testing our products, Rebecca has been busy building a new approach to family health care with her own practice, the
Affordable Health Care Clinic. This clinic, staffed by certified nurse practitioners, is unique because it does not accept insurance. By not having to verify and process insurance, they are able to maintain affordable rates with the average visit costing only $30. The clinic opens August 20 in Gahanna, OH.

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