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A Message from Bonnie 

Back in my Short North days, a former associate would often defer to me with the comeback “Well, it is YOUR name on the door.” Eventually, I turned this into my catchphrase, reminding others that after all, “it is MY name on the door” (and every basket, for that matter.)

Although the phrase was originally created in jest, it has since become my biggest motivator to make sure that all of our work is top-notch.

Soon after, we developed a guarantee that we now place in every basket to ensure the recipient is pleased.


In an effort to share credit, we also have our associates sign the back of each “brand promise” for the gifts they make. In addition to building customer trust and adding a personal touch to each basket, this has given me a snappy retort to all the good-natured “Your-name-on-the-door” teasing from my associates: “Well, it is YOUR signature on the guarantee.”

At Baskets by Bonnie, we are determined to go above and beyond to make sure every customer and recipient is satisfied with our work.

You have OUR word on it!

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